Big Red Book©

As soon as you open Big Red Book you´ll feel like you´re on familiar ground. You make entries in the same places you´ve always done: daily receipts and lodgements go in the Cash Book, purchases and invoices go in the Purchases Book. Screens are laid out in the traditional columnar format, data entry feels just like writing a line in your manual books, making for easy corrections and amendments. It is absolutely ideal for the first-time user, as you need no specialist computer knowledge.

"...feels just like writing a line in your manual books..."

When you print reports they look like typed versions of pages in your manual books except (with apologies to your handwriting and arithmetic) they are tidy and always add up first time - you gain instant access to the information you need to run your business.

Big Red Book

With Big Red Book installation and set-up is so straight forward you can be making entries within an hour of buying the package - over 10,000 others have.

Do you rely on your suppliers to tell you how much you owe them? Are you laboriously maintaining ledger cards to keep track of what your customers owe you? Do you wait for a bank statement to tell you how you stand at the bank or much VAT do you owe? Big Red Book automatically maintains this and other information and makes it instantly available to you.

"Big Red Book is unique..."

How well your accountants do their job depends on the quality of the information you give them. By providing them with accurate, tidy and complete information in a format they are familiar with you are helping them concentrate on advising you how to run your business more efficiently.

Big Red Book is unique in the way it caters for those on the special Retailer VAT scheme and can calculate VAT on a ´Cash Receipts´ basis or as standard. It includes a Cash Book, Cheque Journal, Bank Reconciliation, Sales and Purchase Books, Related Ledgers and VAT Calculations, which makes life much easier for you, and your accountant.

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